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Quick help

Hi, I´m from Spain and I´d like to thank to all team of Autoservis Garant for their quick and kind help when I had a problem with engine in this country.
They spoke English so they could explain everything to me and the agreed price did not change. I must say it was very professional and their quick help let me enjoy my holiday without problems.

Juan Gomez (22 September 2009)

An helpfull garage

I am French and I was travelling from France to Prague by car and I had one car accident in Prague. For me it was difficult to find a garage who can speak english with me because I don’t speak Czech and I found AUTOSERVIS GARANT s. r. o. and they are speaking english. They help me in good condition, when I arrived there they give me an estimate price and also the time for the reparation, I told them I need the car as soon it’s possible and they managed that. It was good services and good price, I was very happy to find this garage. And I adice this garage if you have trouble with you car in Prague.

Pacpac51 (22 September 2009)

Professional support and kind treatment

Hello, this is Valentina from Bulgaria, and I am writing this review in order to express my positive feedback on the technical assistance I got from the team of AUTOSERVIS GARANT.

Having in mind I have had a driving license for only half a year, little driving experience, technical knowledge and skills, I became very anxious when one morning I found a problem of starting the engine of my car, without a visible reason for this.

Due to the insufficient level of my Czech, it was not possible for me to call and ask for technical support. That is why I searched in the Internet to find available service stations providing assistance in English, so here is how I found the AUTOSERVICE GARANT.

Not only they provide services in foreign languages, but also have very positive and kind treatment towards customers as well. Only a couple of hours after I contacted them, a technical assistance car was sent to the place where my car was located and took it to the service station. Within only four days, all the necessary repairments

Valentina (19 August 2008)

Garant Autoservis

Hey there,

I would like to share a great experience with all of you I´ve had at AUTOSEVIS GARANT. Not only that they provide an above standard service they are an absolute lifesavers. I´ve moved to Prague only 3 months ago, and YES, I am here alone and as a girl, every routine problem, like the one I had, might seen huge. The other day, I came to my car that was parked at my usual spot and became to find out that somebody hit my car pretty badly. The tail light was gone, I don´t even want to mention the back spoiler and bumper. I searched the internet and found AUTOSERVIS GARANT, and decided to give them a shot. Surprisingly they had no problem to communicate in English. The owner was very kind and immediately gave me all instructions what to do… To make my story short: They did all the paperwork for me. A week has gone by and I really got to picked up my car. I am highly recommending these guys,they are awesome!

V1nica (26 June 2008)

Fast and Cheap

Thank you for referring me to this company. I saved a lot of money thanks to their mechanics and a technician who reacted promptly and repaired the A/C compressor in my car. Other companies suggested replacing it with a new one which would be very expensive. But these were the only to offer repairing it and did so on the very same day. I saved CZK 22.500 for the compressor and one week’s waiting for such a new part. I can highly recommend this team of enthusiastic people.

Victoria (Spain) (14 June 2008)

I recommend this company!

Hello, this is Jane from Belgium. I highly recommend this company! They are reliable, English speaking and they love their work! I had my car repared within 3 days, knew costs in advance, everything went smoothly and with no problem. I know how difficult it is for a foreigner to find a good service in Prage and in case of this garage, you can be sure this is a good value for your money.

Sheela007 (16 April 2008)

Tuning and Repairs

I had my VW GTI ’02 American Version get chip tuning at Garant’s repair facility. It’s easy enough to find once there has signs posted that stand out about a block and a half away. I was impressed by that. I am a skeptical person when it comes to enhancements in the CZ. I waited two years shopping for chip tunning. The average price I heard was 22,000 Kc. I didn’t like that price. I found Petr at Garant speaks fluent English. I discussed my auto in detail and he checked all the areas I mentioned during the process. There was nothing wrong with my auto and the tuning was successful. For my particular 1.8T four-banger it came to 12,000 Kc. This was the exact price he quoted when I first spoke to him, no additional charges as sometimes happens in shady places here in the CZ.

I’m having a serious dent in my hood repaired and the hood repainted there, 5000 Kc complete. I think this place has fair prices. I have paid more for repairs to a bumper that had smaller dings.

I just hate a place that can’t stick to their quote and here, Petr seems to manage to do this for the most part (given things are discovered and do cost more). This may read like an advertisement for him, but really, I know the stress one can have in dealing with auto repairs here in Prague, espcially if you’re a foreigner so I’ve gone into some detail.

dganung (8 January 2008)


After a bad accident on a motorway I rang the roadside assistance of this company and I have to say that they looked after me very well. The tow car arrived within 20 mins, the car was taken to their premises and fixed within 10 days including new coat and replacement of some parts. The company also sorted out all the details with the insurance agency. All I needed to do was to collect the car. Mind you, they looked for no money. That was the first time this happened to me in this country!!! The repair was paid for by the insurance company. Since than I have been their satisfied customer for over a year. I appreciate their professional approach and helpfulness. I recommend them highly.

SKSOK (4 December 2007)

Autoservis Garant

When I called this company, I was looking for a fast repair of a flat tire on Audi A3. Calling at 4 PM was no problem and Petr proposed to resolve it immediately. When I called back to ask if he could also replace the 4 summer tires by winter ones, same answer: sure, just bring the car, we’ll do it! I brought the car at 5 PM and was out with everything fixed by 6PM. This is a reactive company with flexibility, excellent service, very reasonable prices. Its boss, Petr is friendly, service and solution oriented as all his team.  I highly recommend this company, should you need to service your car and be assured you’ll be treated fairly.

DidierS (17 November 2007)


I have got great services (incl. picking the car up and back) for a good price, when servicing my Audi A4. Everything was done fast and in good quality. They were always helpful and love their work, it is seen everywhere. Definitely good experience. Recommend to try. Ask for Petr, he is good English speaking.

Tom Holand (4 October 2007)

Autoservis Garant sro

My car (Skoda Octavia) was vandalised whilst being parked in Prague 8 and damage was caused to the door lock,steering lock, ignition lock and the gearbox lock! As I was on holiday at the time the police took my car to a Skoda dealer who quoted something like Kc 60,000 for the reapairs ( and it would take 2-3 weeks). Considering the car is probabaly only worth Kc 200,000 I looked elsewhere. I contacted Petr at Autoservis Garant, he came and looked at the car, had it towed to his garage and repaired all the damage as well as doing a few other things to it and cleaning it inside and out. Total cost was Kc 16,000 and it took only 4 days ! I would strongly recommend this company who deliver a good service, speak reasonable English and do not charge a fortune.

English David (27 June 2007)




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